Name of next system determined for JCAHPC

Joint Center for Advanced High Performance Computing (JCAHPC), which is jointly operated under the collaboration between the Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba, and the Information Technology Center, the University of Tokyo, has named its new supercomputer system gMiyabi,h which is planned to start its entire operation in January 2025.

The gMiyabih system, which has a double precision performance of 80.1 PFLOPS, consists of 1,120 compute nodes (gMiyabi-Gh) equipped with NVIDIA's GH200 Grace-Hopper Superchip connected with NVLink-C2C, a dedicated ultra-fast CPU-GPU link, and 190 compute nodes equipped with two Intelfs Xeon Max 9480 (gMiyabi-Ch). It will be the first general-purpose large-scale system equipped with GH200 in Japan. It is also adopted with a 10.3 PB parallel file system that uses NVMe-SSD for all drives.
The name gMiyabi,h which means gelegance and refinementh in Japanese, carries more than just excellent theoretical performance; it encapsulates the intention to manifest its inherent abilities with less effort.
Both centers will undertake the introduction and operation of the new gMiyabih system in tight collaboration. By advancing highly sophisticated computational science through integrating gsimulation, data, and learning,h we aim to contribute to the realization of a secure, safe, and reliable society.

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